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6 of My Favorite Instagram Accounts for Daily Healthy Food Inspiration

I love following food accounts on Instagram. They give me insights on food, body positivity, mindfulness, and recipes. When I see healthy food that looks delicious and beautiful, it has me craving healthy food, instead of junk food and being able to see them when I scroll through Instagram gets me in the healthy, sunkissed state of mind.

Mia Zarlengo, MS, RD – @bitesbymi

Mia is a women’s health dietitian and recipe developer. Her feed is full of beautiful food and delicious recipes. Her captions talk on life, recipes and tons of different types of food. Her story highlights consist of her favorite recipes and food products, not to mention her everyday stories with her everyday food journey.

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Best Beach Snacks - Always Sunkissed

Six Beach Snacks That Aren’t the Obvious Sandwiches, Chips or Fruit

Going to the beach usually means you are going for a few hours, not just for a little bit. For some, it’s an all day affair! Packing snacks is always hard because chips aren’t the healthiest choice, fruit can get boring and sandwiches aren’t always everything you hope and dream them to be. Over my time that I’ve been going to the beach, so my whole life, I’ve found some different and fun beach snacks that can please all parties!

Avocado Toast

I love bringing avocado toast to the beach, its summer-y, fresh and healthy. One trick for this is to pack the avocado pre-seasoned (I usually do lime, s + p, and red pepper flakes) and then sliced bread in a different baggie. This is a great way to pack some fresh punch to your beach day vibes and it sure beats the h*ll out of some pre-packed greasy chips.Read More »

What are S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Why Do You Need Them

Goals are something that we always say we need and then never get around to creating or even just writing down, tracking and following. I personally need a goal, at being better at setting and tracking my goals. When creating goals, I find a few things are super helpful!

One, writing them down. This may sound stupid to some, but not everyone will write down their goals, they may just think it and keep it in their head. Goals should be hand-written down, not even just typed. This is really helpful in the process of creating and following through with your goals. If you don’t want people to see it, you can hide it or rip it up after you’re done. You can even transfer it to an electronic version after you have written it down.

Now, why you should hand write your goals instead of type them. When you write down your goals, you are building 10,000 new neural pathways in your brain in that one sitting. When you type them, you are only building 600 new neural pathways. That is a huge difference. Why is this useful? Building these neural pathways will actually help you in achieving these goals. Your subconscious mind works better when you are constantly building neural pathways in your brain and then reinforcing those pathways through neuroplasticity. You’ll also notice that some of the most successful people keep handwritten journals.  

Always Sunkissed || S.M.A.R.T Goals

So you ask, what are S.M.A.R.T. goals?

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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day When Your Mom has Passed Away

As some of you may know, my mom passed away about four years ago from Cancer. My mom was the best role model, my best friend and best therapist for both my friends and myself. Every year, mother’s day has been a hard day for me and this year, I graduated college and all I wanted was her to be there. This was extremely difficult for, basically for months beforehand and I can imagine this feeling will still be here for awhile. This post itself was even really hard to write, as I probably cried like six times just jotting down notes. I do find this post to be completely necessary because just because your mom has passed away, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate.

It’s never easy losing a parent, and a mom. A mom is a special kind of person that knows what you need when your sick, knows how to make a home feel like home and is that first women role model and best friend you had before anyone else even existed in your world. A mom is a very special person, so no wonder they get their own day. Not to mention, all the things that they have done for you that you can never repay them for. Read More »

5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself this May for Mental Health Awareness Month

5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself this May for Mental Health Awareness Month

 May celebrates Mental Health Awareness month. There are a lot of ways to celebrate, that involve taking care of you, but the first step in all awareness months, is to be aware and knowledgeable.

So, here is a link from theSkimm to help you learn more about mental health. 

This has the basics, different mental health conditions, information on the stigma and some more ways to take care of yourself. Did you know, that one in six adults are living with a mental illness of some sort, this could range anywhere from anxiety disorders, to eating disorders to addiction disorders and so many more. Being in college, I know people who have had issues with all of these and some people are going through battles that I would never know about.

An issue is that there is a huge stigma around mental health, but in reality it is so common nowadays for people to have some type of mental illness. The stigma is usually always negative and due to that it can affect whether or not people will seek out treatment or even admit to themselves they might have a mental illness. One suggestion that the Skimm talks about is that you should re-word the way you talk about your mental illness. An example is don’t say “I am bipolar”, say “I suffer from a bipolar disorder”. THis will help you to mentally not let that mental disorder define you. It is something you are going through, not who you are. I think you should definitely go check out their link here and learn more about the stigma and the fights different people around you could be going through and how to fight back the stigma.

Take Time for Yourself

A lot of people are too busy and overwhelmed that they don’t know how to take care of themselves properly. You might be eating right and working out, but if you don’t take time to relax for a minute this can really hurt your self-esteem and your overall mojo. Being busy is great, but not taking time for yourself can hurt you. It doesn’t have to be a whole day or even a large sum of it to take time for you. Some tihngs you can do is:

Meditate - Taking Care of yourself - Mental Illness Awareness month


I, personally love meditation, even if it’s for 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes. I think it is a great way to start the day or even a way to calm down mid day. I use the app Headspace which is super great. It is free, but you can buy more packages for different situations. They have it for anxiety, stress, grief even if you have cancer or need to be more productive. This app has really helped me when I felt like I was at my worst and just overall mad or stressed. If you don’t want to get an app, you can just sit down and meditate. Taking this minute for yourself can help you to bring yourself back to a calm mindset where you can focus on what is important and to stop overthinking.

Spend Time With Friends

Humans are social creatures, they are meant to make connections and be around other people. It is known to make people feel better and boost moods. Half of it, is surrounding yourself with the right people, think positive and uplifting people and stay away from the negative people and thoughts. Go get coffee together or grab dinner or drinks. Spending time with people that uplift you, doing something that give you joy (yes, food and coffee give me joy) will really help your mental health. Lack of social interactions is actually known to hurt your mental health, so grab a buddy and work on your mental health with a simple conversation or friend date!

Sweet Dreams ☁️🌙

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Redesign or Clean Your Room

I know, this one might sound a little stupid. But, your environment plays a huge part in your mental health. I know that when my room is a mess, my anxiety gets worse and I feel overall stressed and uneasy. I think designing your room to have light and filled with things you love will help you to feel better overall and more days than not. Being in a gloomy, messy and dark room will aid your emotions to feeling alone, closed off and stressed. It is known that certain colors can also affect your mood, so think about that when redesigning. Yellow is meant to boost your mood and blue can be calming. Cleaning can also be soothing for some people. For me, it can be sometimes, but other times not so much. The feeling of accomplishment after cleaning your room is nice though. You can even treat yourself after with a little something-something.

Get Outside

This is one of my favorite ways to cheer up and it works even better that Summer is right around the corner. A little sunshine can cure a lot of things and genuinely make you happier. When people are stuck inside day in and day out, that isn’t good for your body. Even if you talk a walk, with or without a dog (I suggest bringing a dog if that is an option), it can really boost your mood for the rest of the day and even your week. I will be honest, I definitely don’t do this as much as I would like to, but right now, if I have work to do, I try and sit outside, in the sun or in the shade and work on my laptop. It isn’t exactly the same thing, but it is better than nothing and still makes me feel better.

I also would like to share a few signs that you should keep an eye out for and if you start to notice, you should reach out to a professional. Reminder, signs and symptoms of mental illnesses are different for everyone.

  • Feeling Sad
  • Having a hard time concentrating
  • Extreme mood changes
  • Pulling away from friends and family
  • Being significantly tired
  • Having low energy and trouble sleeping
  • Struggling with daily problems and stress
  • Major changes in eating habits
  • Excessive anger
  • Physical problems, this could be stomach pains or unexplained aches
  • Suicidal thinking

If you are having suicidal thoughts or think you might hurt yourself, always get help right away. Call 911 or a local emergency number immediately, call your mental health specialist, call a suicide hotline number, in the US, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. You can also reach out to a close friend or loved one.

What are some ways you are taking care of you and your mental health this month? Leave your answer in the comments! 


May Mood Board

April Recap
Got to spend Easter in the E.R. with my boyfriend. Tried the HelloFresh box. Went to a Red Sox Game on the 8th as my Valentine’s Day present from my boyfriend, which was an incredible game that we ended up winning.

My Grand Little got initiated. Tried Mecha Noodle Bar in New Haven with my sorority sister Melina.

Good Food & Good Company 🍜

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Got to go to Bar Thursday with my roommates, my little and my grand little. Celebrated Senior Week with my sorority. Throughout the month, I got to learn how to do different Social Media promotions to learn more and work on my independent study paper. I get to finish strongly in all my classes before finals week even starts, I have only two finals left. I got to celebrate my last Spring Weekend with my boyfriends Luau and the carnival. I got to go to “Charge Out”, where I picked up all of my graduation stuff, such as my cap and gown and stoles. I also found a great graduation dress. P.S. this isn’t it, but it’s a sneak peek.

And the countdown begins… 🎓

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I went Alum with my sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma, which was so surreal and I’m so excited to move into a new chapter, but am sad to leave this one behind.

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May Up & Coming

I get to uproot my life again…

May 12, I will be graduating college and moving home. I have an amazing internship with Nantucket blACKbook that I am so excited for that starts the day after I come home with two great events, “Peace, Love & Tacos Block Party” and “Rose all night”. I couldn’t think of two better events to get me ready for this summer. I will starting back at my old job at Slip 14 this summer as well, so my Nantucket followers, feel free to come visit!

The rest of the month is just play by ear for now!


Look out for some posts coming up regarding

  • May Essentials
  • Graduation

  • Summer Fun

  • Career Prep

What are you doing this May?


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