10 Healthy Breakfast Options for On-The-Go People

We all love a good, healthy breakfast, but most of us don’t have time! I have compiled a list of my top 10 favorite, healthy breakfasts that you can rather make with little time or can make ahead to have when you don’t have any time!

  1. Greek Yogurt and Granola // I love getting the different flavors of Chobani Greek Yogurt. They always are so yummy especially paired with your favorite granola. I recommend Bare Naked or Kind Granola. Also, when you buy the bag, I would measure out the recommended amount into plastic baggies to have available to you at leisure.Chobani Yogurt and Granola
  2. Avocado Toast // Lightly toast whole wheat bread and than mash up some avocado on it. Sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste. Add a sunny-side up egg if you really want some protein.
  3. Bacon, Egg and Spinach Sandwich // Cook some bacon to your liking, be sure to dab as much grease off as you can. Toast two slices of whole wheat bread. Cook one sunny-side up egg, I like to add cheese and than spinach right into the dish. I put it together going toast, cheesy egg, bacon,  lots of spinach with and the other piece of toast.Bacon, Egg and Spinach Breakfast Sandwich
  1. Smoothies // Smoothies are great for on the go! Toss some oats, bananas, berries almond milk and ice into a blender and BAM, a meal on the go!
  2. Breakfast Burrito // This one I would suggest making ahead of time! Just take a tortilla, fill with scrambled eggs, refried beans, cheese, a little bit of salsa and sour cream, wrap it up and you got yourself a yummy breakfast burrito. Feel free to switch ingredients for your preference.
  3. Fruity Breakfast Quinoa // Cook the quinoa in almond milk. Mix in some spices like cinnamon and add in your favorite berries. This is just like a hot cereal, but full of protein and essential amino acids! Some people even add some chopped roasted nuts too.
  4. Peanut Banana Toast // Toast a piece of whole wheat bread. Spread on some of your favorite Peanut Butter for protein. Slice some bananas and plop those on top! You get all the protein and vitamins you need.
  5. Waffle PB&J // Toast or cook a whole wheat waffle (for time I would use an Eggo). Put your favorite peanut butter on top and slice strawberries on top. Just like the peanut butter toast, you get your salty, sweat, protein and vitamins.
  6. Egg Roll-Up //  Take a tortilla and fill with an even layer of cheesy eggs. Next layer with an even layer of spinach. Add any other healthy ingredients. Roll up and enjoy on the go! (Make sure to include lots of the super-food Spinach)
  7. Avocado Egg // Half an avocado and take the pit out. Scoop out a little bit more of the avocado. Crack an egg into the whole you just made. Sprinkle with a little bit of cheese, salt and pepper. Cook it in the oven until it is cooked, but still runny. I also like to put some spinach in this too!

I hope you all enjoy these recipes. They are super yummy and healthy! I love how you can make them with little time, ahead of time, or take them on the go!


What do you eat for your healthy breakfast?

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