How I Use My Passion Planner

So we are in October and I think a lot of us are getting into the groove, if not already burning out. With it starting to actually feel like Fall and sweaters about to be back in fashion, it’s time I shared with you some secrets I’ve learned throughout this semester.

I have purchased the Passion Planner and I am nothing short of in love! It has all the time slots I need, the layout is everything I want, it has two types of a to-do list and space for “infinite possibility”. One other thing that I love about this, is all the positivity it brings. It has a daily focus for each day, weekly focus and most importantly, a space to list all the good things that happened that week.


This planner helps you to set goals and to figure out your passions and achieve them. This is though their “Passion Roadmap” which is the basis of this entire planner. I think this semester, this is something that I really need. It has room to be happy, evaluate my life and figure out my priorities.

While I have loved some of my other planners in the past, I think this one was the best for me. This semester has been a hard one for me. I hate to admit that I’ve probably had about one breakdown a week, but I get through it and I do better. I try harder and tell myself why I chose to do these things. You can probably tell that I haven’t been my best, as I haven’t been able to get as much content out as I have in the past. I did choose to do too much this semester, I will admit that. BUT, I am figuring out how to handle it all. I AM doing it and it WILL pay off at the end.

Also peep their free handout right here! Just in case you want to give it a spin before you purchase!

Until next time,


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