HIMG_3874ello, hello! My name is Marina and I am a college Senior at University of New Haven in Connecticut and am from the lovely Nantucket Island!

At UNH, I am officially a Marketing major with a double major in Business Management. I also have a Graphic Design minor. I have a true passion for Direct and Digital Marketing along with Social Media Marketing; my favorite class I have taken at school. Sometimes I feel like I’m so behind because I’m just now starting to figure out what I (might) want to do with my life, but it’s only just now that I’ve received the resources that helped me make up my mind. It’s the fact that I have a passion for social media, photography and blogging that really got me into Marketing. I even got to have some experience with my Panhellenic Council and Her Campus, where I am the Public Relations Chair/Director and with my new internship at CollegeFashionista. I do love Graphic Design, as I did study it for about two years, but it is solely a hobby that taught me how to use Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and few other things as well. I am also currently a Junior Project Manager at Odonnell Company, the same place I had my internship this past summer. massACK

Anyway, for my childhood (and well, now), I grew up on Nantucket Island off of Cape Cod, MA. I live that “nauti” life! I love beaches, summer and salt water. Salt water basically runs through my veins. I use to spend summers camping on the beach and winters sledding through the snow. I would say, I have a great relationship with My Happy Place.

A little bit more about me?
I spend most of my time drawing, writing, cooking, web surfing, organizing and academics (mostly business and design classes). My favorite things are coffee, gold (and Rose Gold), and Pinterest. I have an obsession with online shopping, without actually buying anything because money is a struggle. You will most likely find me scrolling through Instagram, working on my blog or internship, and carrying a coffee in my hand.

I am the treasurer (Bursar) of Phi Sigma Sigma and am the Public Relations Chair for the Panhellenic Council, feel free to ask me questions about Greek life, I absolutely adore it! I fully believe that everyone can find their “home” in Greek life and that it will open you up to so many opportunities that you would have never had before. Here is why I went out for recruitment.  Outside of Greek life, I am the President of Photography club and the President/ Public Relations Director for Her Campus. If you can’t tell, I like to keep myself busy, that is why you will see a lot of posts on how to handle being busy and how to work with a planner.

Want to check me out other places?
I live through quotes, if you need some cheering up, check out my Pinterst board called “Eat Cake and be Happy”. I promise it’ll make you feel better! I also am working on a mood board just for when you’re feeling Sunkissed. I like to think my instagram is pretty great so if you want to check that out, you can do so here! Like I said before, you can check out my internship with CollegeFashionista here!

I also love to talk to people and make new friends so don’t be scared to comment or message me!

I hope you enjoy my blog!

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