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31 Small Things to Find Joy in this Summer

Every summer, heck, even every day, it is important to take a minute, sit back, and remember the small things in life. The small things are what make life truly special. A little while back, I made this post with some small things that I find Joy in and I have been in need of this little brain dump of joy again. SO, here are 31 small things to find joy in this summer. Be sure to let me know what some of yours are in the comments or if you agree with any of mine!Read More »

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July Currently + Summer Vibes Mood Board

Happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸I am currently working a lovely lunch shift and will be following up with a fun trip to the brewery! I thinking some 888 Blueberry Lemonades to end my day!

What happened in June!
+Getting in the groove with Nantucket blACKbook
+Did Beach Clean Ups! “Only leave footprints behind”
+Got my Astrology read
+Had a staycation at Harborview Nantucket
+My boyfriend came to visit!Read More »

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Always Sunkissed Guide to Healthy & Glowing Summer Skin

Skin in the summer is rather a curse or a blessing. I’d like to think I have pretty good skin to start with; I have few breakouts, my skin doesn’t get super dry or super greasy (most of the time) and because I’m in my early twenties, aging isn’t my biggest concern right now. I find though, in the dead of winter and the height of the summer, I do find myself struggling with different areas of skin care.

Here are a few problems I find myself having in the summer:

  • Greasy skin from tanning oil/ sunblock
  • Burnt skin
  • Pimples from not eating the best from being busy
  • Naturally red and semi-irritated skin

I have discovered some different products and tricks that have helped me conquer these problems and work best for me. Please note that everyone has different skin and have different skin concerns and these are just products and tricks that work for the issues that I face.

Guide to Sun-Kissed Summer Skin - Always Sunkissed

Long day at the beach? Feeling a little sunburnt? Herbivore Botanicals has a killer After Sun Skin Soothing Aloe Mist meant to soothe your sun kissed face (or bod, if you’re feeling It). It’s packed with ingredients that you can actually read and feels light and soothing on the skin. Pop It in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation! For those of you in Nantucket or the Boston area, Follain sells this great product and many other products by this brand! Highly recommend checking them out. Read More »

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6 of My Favorite Instagram Accounts for Daily Healthy Food Inspiration

I love following food accounts on Instagram. They give me insights on food, body positivity, mindfulness, and recipes. When I see healthy food that looks delicious and beautiful, it has me craving healthy food, instead of junk food and being able to see them when I scroll through Instagram gets me in the healthy, sunkissed state of mind.

Mia Zarlengo, MS, RD – @bitesbymi

Mia is a women’s health dietitian and recipe developer. Her feed is full of beautiful food and delicious recipes. Her captions talk on life, recipes and tons of different types of food. Her story highlights consist of her favorite recipes and food products, not to mention her everyday stories with her everyday food journey.

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Six Outside the Box Beach Snacks

Forget the chips and sandwiches and try something new! Going to the beach usually means you are going for a few hours, not just for a little bit. For some, it’s an all day affair! Packing snacks is always hard because chips aren’t the healthiest choice, fruit can get boring and sandwiches aren’t always everything you hope and dream them to be. Over my time that I’ve been going to the beach, so my whole life, I’ve found some different and fun beach snacks that can please all parties!

Avocado Toast

I love bringing avocado toast to the beach, its summer-y, fresh and healthy. One trick for this is to pack the avocado pre-seasoned (I usually do lime, s + p, and red pepper flakes) and then sliced bread in a different baggie. This is a great way to pack some fresh punch to your beach day vibes and it sure beats the h*ll out of some pre-packed greasy chips.Read More »

What are S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Why Do You Need Them

Goals are something that we always say we need and then never get around to creating or even just writing down, tracking and following. I personally need a goal, at being better at setting and tracking my goals. When creating goals, I find a few things are super helpful!

One, writing them down. This may sound stupid to some, but not everyone will write down their goals, they may just think it and keep it in their head. Goals should be hand-written down, not even just typed. This is really helpful in the process of creating and following through with your goals. If you don’t want people to see it, you can hide it or rip it up after you’re done. You can even transfer it to an electronic version after you have written it down.

Now, why you should hand write your goals instead of type them. When you write down your goals, you are building 10,000 new neural pathways in your brain in that one sitting. When you type them, you are only building 600 new neural pathways. That is a huge difference. Why is this useful? Building these neural pathways will actually help you in achieving these goals. Your subconscious mind works better when you are constantly building neural pathways in your brain and then reinforcing those pathways through neuroplasticity. You’ll also notice that some of the most successful people keep handwritten journals.  

Always Sunkissed || S.M.A.R.T Goals

So you ask, what are S.M.A.R.T. goals?

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