The Unwanted & Probably Needed Phone Detox…

So I have not had a phone for the past two or so weeks… here’s the backstory: My phone has been having some battery problems to the point where it wouldn’t work unless it was charging. If I tried to use it when it wasn’t charging, it would usually just die. To keep things short, it finally decided one day, while it was charging, to die and never turn on. So, there it is, the backstory to my unwanted phone detox.

Let me just tell you, it is not easy living without a cell phone. I knew how dependent I was on my cell phone, but there are a lot of things that I didn’t even realize I needed my phone for. I needed my GPS to go places, I was printing out directions, I needed an alarm clock, my roommates had to wake me up because I don’t own an alarm clock, basic communication, I couldn’t even make a phone call for a doctor’s appointment. This Thanksgiving was a little more aware of what my life is and the privilege I have because of this experience.

The nice part of this experience… you get to experience life a little more realistic. I’m not always worried about my Instagram likes and if I’m responding to people’s snaps. I wasn’t distracted while driving, even if it was just picking a song to play. I had to make plans ahead of time because I wouldn’t be able to contact people once I lost wifi. This experience had me reevaluating how much I use my phone. I usually blame the reason I’m on social media so much is because I am trying to learn more about it in order to do it for a living, and while that can be a good reason, it is not an excuse to devote all my time to my phone.

I think everyone could use a good phone detox. Do I think you should do it for two weeks? Absolutely not, that is torturous. But I do think you should do it for a few days so you can adjust to it. It will help you see things in a new light and appreciate it so much more. That doesn’t sound appealing? Learn to cut down for a few days or in general. Don’t rely on it all day, every day. They’ve only been saying this for years that you need to take some time away from your phone. Like leave it in another room when you go to bed, or at least don’t look at it for an hour or so before you go to bed. I think just stepping it back to something realistic for you can really be mentally beneficial.

5 Fall Items I Can’t Live Without

Happy Fall, November is in full swing and it’s definitely starting to feel that way over her in New England! I hope you all are staying warm and maybe even cozy next to a fire? Maybe.. no? yes? I hope you are because I currently am and it is everything I could want in the world! So, with Fall here in full blast, I thought of some of my favorite items that I couldn’t imagine not having in my closet during the Fall season!

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 1.41.49 PMBig Comfy Sweaters 

Big comfy sweaters are a staple of the fall. They come in every color, go with both jeans and leggings, and can be accessorized in a multitude of ways. Everyone needs at least one (highly suggest more) in their closet, they are promised to keep you warm this chilly season.Read More »

November Mood Board

Happy November! I know this is a few days late, but without disappointment, it has arrived! I’m also sorry about the lack of posts and interactions these past two months, I have been super busy between both my jobs, class and everything else. But I made it a November resolution to get back on track and really interact with you all. I’m thinking that these next few months can only get better, amiright? 

So here we are the November Mood Board:

What I did in October:

+ I went home for Fall break! Think cute pics and @CiscoBrewery with lots of love and family.

Sunshine & @ciscobrewers ☀️🍹

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+ I have set up my schedule to register for my last semester of college.

+ I have started to figure out how to do my big girl job (in case you missed it, I am working at a marketing firm in New Haven part time as a Junior Project Manager). I am running strategy meetings and hosting important conference calls.

+ Halloween was a thing!

All My Friends Are Dead 💀🎃👻 #stayspooky

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What is coming up in November?

Thanksgiving! Aka one of my favorite holidays full of food and family!

+ Class registration was today! This is my last time registering for classes ever!

+ Hopefully getting and starting some new books (and making time to read)

+ The beginning of Christmas Shopping 🎄

+ Discovering some fun new quotes that really speak to me as I try to reevaluate and redesign my life

Sunday Morning Thoughts 💕☕️ #sundayvibes

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Fun things!

I found my new favorite red wine… peep it here

+ I found my new favorite Starbucks drink! (Venti Quad Coconut Milk Latte with 2 pumps of Caramel Brûlée)


What are you up to this month?




Taking Care of your Hair and Skin in the Winter

So today was the first day it really felt like Fall, maybe even Winter. It was just really cold, but not really miserable. The only part that made it a little miserable, is that I wasn’t  prepared for it. I wasn’t prepared, I don’t have riding boots, I don’t have my winter jacket and I didn’t even turn on my heat last night because I thought it was just the wind. So, I want to help you be a little more prepared. While, my fall/winter clothes are still sitting in my car and on Nantucket, my skin and hair products are happily living in my house and ready to aid this dry and cold weather!

Deep Conditioning Treatment

This treatment I use about once a week and it really saves my hair. I let it soak in for about 5 to 10 minutes, hop in a nice, steamy shower and then wash it out. Reminder from my post where I learned I was washing my hair all wrong and that condition, shampoo, condition can really help, especially with deep conditioning.


Wash Your Face, But Don’t Always Scrub

I usually use Apricot scrub because I have been in love with it for absolutely ever. I have used it as long as I have washed my face, my Mom used it before me and I have never thought about using anything else. One day I decided to try something else and now I am hooked on using both. Apricot Scrub is great in the summer with all the humidity and grease, but in the Winter everything is dry. I still use Apricot, but I switch it out every day so I am not using it every day.

Don’t Forget About the Rest of Your Body

Scrub your skin and not just your face. I have this amazing scrub that smells wonderful and just makes my skin super soft. I think this is a great investment and you don’t need to use it everyday! Don’t forget to lotion afterwards!

Eat To Impress

What you put into your body is one of the most important aspects to your skin and hair routine. If all you eat is sh*t, then your skin and hair is going to reflect that. Healthy eating will help fuel you, your skin, your hair and help you out in the long run!

Stay Hydrated!

This is told to you, time and time again. I know every post about skin and hair is always about staying hydrated, but that is because it is true. Your body is literally majority water, the more you drink the better you feel and the better your skin will look. Thank me later for this reminder.

I hope these tips help you this Fall (winter) season. I think these are all very important aspects into having good hair and skin. What you put into your body, will alway reflect that, including money and time.

How do you take care of your skin & hair in the fall/ winter? 


How I Use My Passion Planner

So we are in October and I think a lot of us are getting into the groove, if not already burning out. With it starting to actually feel like Fall and sweaters about to be back in fashion, it’s time I shared with you some secrets I’ve learned throughout this semester.

I have purchased the Passion Planner and I am nothing short of in love! It has all the time slots I need, the layout is everything I want, it has two types of a to-do list and space for “infinite possibility”. One other thing that I love about this, is all the positivity it brings. It has a daily focus for each day, weekly focus and most importantly, a space to list all the good things that happened that week.


This planner helps you to set goals and to figure out your passions and achieve them. This is though their “Passion Roadmap” which is the basis of this entire planner. I think this semester, this is something that I really need. It has room to be happy, evaluate my life and figure out my priorities.

While I have loved some of my other planners in the past, I think this one was the best for me. This semester has been a hard one for me. I hate to admit that I’ve probably had about one breakdown a week, but I get through it and I do better. I try harder and tell myself why I chose to do these things. You can probably tell that I haven’t been my best, as I haven’t been able to get as much content out as I have in the past. I did choose to do too much this semester, I will admit that. BUT, I am figuring out how to handle it all. I AM doing it and it WILL pay off at the end.

Also peep their free handout right here! Just in case you want to give it a spin before you purchase!

Until next time,


Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 1

Happy Sunday everyone! As you are reading this, I am at work at Starbucks making a buck and getting things done. This week has been crazy and last weekend was just weird.  I spent this week trying to assess my life and figure out why I “blew-up” last weekend. I have had a lot going on since before classes even started and forgot how to take a breathe. Tuesday, I locked myself out of my car and missed my first class. That was a blessing. I got to have fun for an hour while awaiting my car to get unlocked and then I had two hours to get my life together, do some homework not due the next day and to hang out with some friends while laughing. I needed it to say the least.

Here is a quote from this week:



I also would like to note, I got this idea from the very talented Amber Burns over at Space on Third!

I would also love to share a few fun articles and tips I have discovered this week! 

How to Take Lecture Notes by Not A Studyblr Yet

Mostly Morgan’s What I Wish I’d Known My First Year of College

Extra Petite’s Fall Accessories – I would literally live in this outfit!

If you had to read any of these four posts, I would read this post “You Don’t Have to Have It All Together Right Now” by Hello Brittnee. This one really hit me where it matters.

I hope you all have an amazing rest of your Sunday!