I Basically Cut Out Carbs for a Week {And Here’s What Happened}

Welcome to my reduced carb adventure. Please enjoy as I suffer and learn from me and my mistakes.

Day One: Monday

Breakfast: Trader Joes Greek Yogurt (Mango), Handful of Blueberries, Handful of Raspberries, Handful of Granola

I stopped and picked up a “Sun Cooler” from a local café. It has green and mint tea, lemonade and a touch of peach nectar. Served on ice with a fresh lemon!

Lunch: “Taco” Salad {Romaine lettuce and spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, red pepper, yellow onion, black beans, 1/4 breast of BBQ chicken, Mexican blend cheddar cheese, top with Annie’s Balsamic Dressing and Ranch. If you want a little crunch cheat a little and add 3-4 crushed up tortilla chips )Read More »

Meal Prep {the How-To and the Why}

So, I have decided to start doing that magical thing called meal prep. I’m not planning on having these meals every single day, but I have decided that it is a step in the right direction. If you do it right, you can save money and eat healthier.

My main ingredients will consist of

  1. Brown Rice
  2. Chicken
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Broccoli
  5. Asparagus/Green Beans (whatever is on sale)
  6. Spinach

Of course, I will use other ingredients but these will be the main focus.

Im planning on roasting a a bunch of veggies for two nights with chicken and brown rice. This can be easily reheated and good to eat the first night of making.

Then using the chicken, tomatoes, spinach and layering with black beans, corn and my avocado cilantro dressing in a mason jar for another two days

For snacks, I can eat the broccoli and tomatoes with ranch dressing.

Lunch some days I can use the spinach and tomatoes with chicken and dressing for a salad or even eat the roasted veggies and brown rice with fresh spinach.

The goal of this is to save me money and to make sure I don’t go all day without eating or eating a sandwich for lunch when I know I should be eating vegetables.

I hope this has helped you and I will be sure to keep you updated as I start this yummy food journey.


20 Healthy Food Swaps (Perfect for After Thanksgiving)

Hello, Hello beautiful people! I know, I know, I have been slacking a little lately, but I have had a busy couple weeks with so much stuff happening all the time! So here I am, back and rested after Thanksgiving break, maybe not so rested, but ready to go! So with that, lets talk food!

20 Healthy Food Swaps

I think that there is a huge misperception on being healthy and dieting. You don’t need to cut out all junk food and change everything about your diet to be healthy. Also, not all diets are healthy and going to give you the results you want!

I have learned that food in general is a large portion of how you loose weight and be healthy, yes, you should exercise, but eating healthy is a huge part! Now, here are some yummy food swaps that will definitely help after eating all that food over the Thanksgiving holiday!

Chips and Dip → Veggies and Hummus

Creamy salad dressing → Oil based salad dressing or all natural (know every ingredient) salad dressing

Rice → Brown Rice or Quinoa

Sour Cream or other similar toppings → Unflavored Greek Yogurt

Mayo → Smashed Avocado (really could add avocado to anything, just saying)

Stuffed/ Refried/ Baked Potato → Loaded Sweet Potato

Overly Sugary Cereal → Oatmeal or Yogurt and Fruit

French Fries → Roasted Chickpeas or Sweet Potato Fries (if you’re really feeling the health kick, try this salad recipe)

Healthy Corn and Cherry Tomato Salad | Always Sunkissed

Pasta → Zucchini Noodles or Thinly Sliced Zucchini (lasagna)

Hamburgers → Turkey or Veggie Burgers

Flour Tortillas → Corn Tortillas, or if you’re really feeling healthy, use lettuce and make a lettuce wrap

Mashed Potatoes (I know, so hard to give up) → Mashed Cauliflower

Fruit Juice → Fruit flavored water!

Butter → Coconut Oil

Sugar → Honey or Applesauce

Potato Chips → Air Pop Popcorn (still get a little salt, but don’t add to much butter)

Whole Milk → Almond or Coconut Milk

Scrambled Eggs → Poached or Hard-Boild Egg (Perfect for Avocado Toast)

Bagel → English Muffin (they taste good with cream cheese too)

Mixed Nuts → Pistachios or Almonds




Berry Kale Smoothie | Sunkissed

Berry Kale Smoothie

When I got home from college, my dad introduced me to his magical nutribullet smoothies. I absolutely adore these smoothies. The best part, they are good anytime. I love them for breakfast on the days I don’t eat my avocado toast and my dad has them for lunch everyday!


1 fresh banana
1 large handful of kale
1/4 cup vanilla greek yogurt
1/2 cup orange juice (I use ___ which tastes as if I just squeezed it myself)
3/4 cup frozen mixed berries
1 tbs chia seed
1 tbs raw hemp seed