50 Little Things to Find Joy In

Yesterday, I was scrolling though my instagram and found one of my favorite profiles who also blogs. She did her own 35 little things that I find joy in and inspired me to do one as well! You can find that over at her blog hannahdtrick.com. I just fell in love with this idea and I think It really helps with self-love and curing some gloomy thoughts. She said in her post that “Being grateful for the little things is a way to not only be content with your life but it marks the first step towards discovering the true source of happiness” and I couldn’t agree more! Well said, Hannah!

So here is my list of little things that bring me joy and maybe you can find joy in them as well!

  1. Opening a new bottle of rosé
  2. Taking a long hot bath
  3. Finding the perfect piece in the clearance rack
  4. Sharing a smile with a friendly stranger
  5. Someone noticing your new lipstick, or new shirt or new hairdo
  6. Getting packages in the mail
  7. Someone mentioning my blog to me in person
  8. Finding the perfect lipstick shade
  9. Smell of fresh flowers
  10. Laughing over nothing with someone who is everything
  11. Sunshine on your face
  12. A oddly warm day
  13. Happy Hour
  14. The sound of waves crashing
  15. Singing in the car with the windows down
  16. Clean sheets
  17. Good Morning texts
  18. Finding a song to obsess over
  19. Maison Mathis
  20. Box 63 Brunch
  21. Traveling to a new place
  22. Walking off a plane into a warmer place and feeling the sun & warmth
  23. Watching the sunset
  24. Bananas & Sunflower Butter
  25. Perfectly ripened avocados 
  26. When your barista knows your name
  27. The way snow looks right after It falls
  28. Your boss tells you did something good at work
  29. When your coffee has the perfect amount of sugar & milk
  30. When someone offers to take your picture
  31. Laying in your towel after a shower without having to rush to be anywhere
  32. Trader Joes
  33. When your jeans fit just right
  34. Finding a good bottle of wine for under $10
  35. Waking up to sunshine and birds chirping
  36. When a brand reaches out to you to work with them
  37. New undies 🙈
  38. When your favorite Instagram person follows you
  39. When a brand responds to your message on Social Media
  40. When you have time to just watch an episode of your favorite show
  41. The warmth of a blanket fresh out of the dryer
  42. A super soft sweater
  43. When you get a good grade on something you thought you didn’t do well on
  44. Getting tagged in a photo
  45. Seeing the emojis people put next to your name in their phone
  46. A peaceful coffee shop
  47. Getting lost in a good book
  48. That feeling after you get your hair done
  49. When your curls stay perfect all day/ night
  50. A homemade meal

I really hoped you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing It. A great thing is that all of our “little things” are different, but all those little things, once you know what they are, truly bring you joy throughout a day. In the comments, tell me what some of your “little things” are! 


A Cozy Room Takes Effort: 3 Tips to Transform Your College Bedroom

With Fall approaching quickly, you start to think about the crisp weather, the fall scents, being wrapped up cozy in your bed. You also have to think of a place where you can both relax and be productive, at least as a college student. I feel that for the most part I have figured out how to do that with my room.

Add Warming Wall Decorations

Empty walls kill. I will stand by that 100%. I think having pictures up, drawings, crafts or one of my favorites, a tapestry and twinkle lights will make all the difference. The wall behind my bed is my absolute favorite, it has a tapestry with twinkle lights and the colors are just relaxing and it makes me enjoy being in my room. I also have a white board hung and a calendar white board hung for productivity, along with a board full of memories and pictures.

Sweet Dreams ☁️🌙

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A Comfy Bed 

I think having a bed comforter that you can just snuggle up into is a key element to having the perfect room. You also need to make sure that it is not just cuddly, but you are able to sit on top and get work done (at least if you don’t have a desk). I think its good to have an array of pillows, both comfy and cute. Also always keep a throw blanket near by, especially in the fall when you still have a window open, but that chilly breeze can still come in! I am known for keeping my window slightly opened while wearing shorts and throw blanket this time of year!

Keep It Clean

This one is the hardest for me! It’s not like my room is dirty or I food or dishes everywhere, I just have clothes everywhere, all the time! I try really hard to not have my clothes everywhere, but I just feel like i have all this time to do laundry, but by the time its done, I don’t have the time to put it all away and organize everything. If you look at my room right now, you would understand exactly what I am talking about. Picture this: two laundry baskets full of clothes, my dirty clothes in a different pile and my shoes laid out next to my door.  Exactly. That is a mess and does not help me to be productive or be cozy, it just stresses me out. Moral of the story: Keep your room clean!

Fun Tip: Get Candles in different scents to make your room extra homey, the scent and the flickering is quite relaxing and if you can’t have candles, I love wax melters! I currently have a super cute Pineapple Melter and I love the Yankee Candles scents for every season, especially Fall, not to mention the price is just right.

How do you make your bedroom more cozy and/or productive?


September Mood Board

Happy September! For me September is a bittersweet time! As some of you know, if you couldn’t tell from my blog already, I love summer. I am a summer baby, I love everything about it. From the beach, to the weather, to the free time, to traveling, to sunshine and ocean breezes. But September is a good time of the year and not just because it has my sister’s birthday in it and we need an excuse to celebrate. But, because the air becomes crisp, school is back in session and you have so many fun activities, flavors and outfits to try.

Happened in August…

+I turned 21!

+Nantucket Getaway

+Started my Senior Year of Classes

+Learned how to make a Pumpkin Spice Latte

+Got to go to Upstate New York and have a fun 24 hours cell phone free at Tennanah Lake with friends!

+Got to go Jet Skiing

Cloudy days spent on the water = some of the best days

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Coming Up in September…

+E-Zoo (technically already happened but it was still September)

EZoo 2017 🐘🌌

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+Apple Picking

+Recruitment (WHOOP WHOOP)

+Phi Sig Photoshoots

One week until it begins! #RecruitmentCoundown

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+Getting HootSuite Certified!

+Pumpkin Spice everything!

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What are you most excited for this September?


August Mood Board

Happy August everyone! I hope you are all just as excited as I am! This is one of my favorite months and I’m not just saying that because it’s my birthday month! This month for me is full of blue’s, gold, and light pink! Oh, and the beach! I hope this month finds both of us feeling beautiful and positive!

Happened in July

+I went to Bermuda for my cousin’s wedding! That was so incredible and I had such an amazing time! Peep the Insta for all the pics!

+I got a job at Starbucks and finished my training to become a Barista! I also learned a lot about new coffees!

+Celebrated Fourth of July!

+Watched the Bachelorette and ohmygod these boys are beauties! (Who’s was your favorite all along? Mine was Brian)

Coming up in August

+My 21st Birthday! I know, we can all be excited about this one!

+ I’m going to finish the two books I have been reading, Leave Your Mark and Career Code

+College classes start (senior year, yikes!)

+My roommates move in and we get to put our house together.

+I will be attending E-Zoo, the music festival in New York!

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What are you up to for August? Let me know in the comments! 


What is an Instagram Aesthetic & Why Do You Need One

So, the other day, I was doing my usual thing helping my sister with her Instagram. We were picking a filter and trying to decide on a caption, the usual steps we all need feedback on in order to post a successful Instagram post that brings in more likes than your last post {hopefully}. When asked which filter, I picked one and said “it goes with your aesthetic”. After a few texts describing what an aesthetic was, my sister was astonished that so much thought went into one post. I wish I had seen her face when I got into timing and how often you really should be posting, I’m picturing something with a mouth drop and a “you’re shitting me” kind of feel.Read More »

June Mood Board + Currently {June 17′}


Reading: Leave Your Mark {A Review Post to Follow}

Planning: My budget for the summer {Being an adult is hard}

Watching: Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt. 23

Cooking: Zucchini Noodles and Cauliflower Rice

Eating: Tacos {Who doesn’t love a good taco}

Drinking: Coffee {Starbucks order: Grande Iced Caramel Machiatto with Coconut Milk}

Pinning: Business Casual Outfits!

Crafting: Fixing Old Crafts That Were Never Given

Going: Home Twice This Month {Father’s Day and my best friends birthday}

Loving: Being Outside

Dreaming: Of A Sunny Summer

Feeling: A Little Anxious

Listening: Take a Back Road by Rodney Atkins {Peep the Insta}

Celebrating: My New Internship 🤗

How does June have you feeling?