September Mood Board

Happy September! For me September is a bittersweet time! As some of you know, if you couldn’t tell from my blog already, I love summer. I am a summer baby, I love everything about it. From the beach, to the weather, to the free time, to traveling, to sunshine and ocean breezes. But September is a good time of the year and not just because it has my sister’s birthday in it and we need an excuse to celebrate. But, because the air becomes crisp, school is back in session and you have so many fun activities, flavors and outfits to try.

Happened in August…

+I turned 21!

+Nantucket Getaway

+Started my Senior Year of Classes

+Learned how to make a Pumpkin Spice Latte

+Got to go to Upstate New York and have a fun 24 hours cell phone free at Tennanah Lake with friends!

+Got to go Jet Skiing

Cloudy days spent on the water = some of the best days

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Coming Up in September…

+E-Zoo (technically already happened but it was still September)

EZoo 2017 🐘🌌

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+Apple Picking

+Recruitment (WHOOP WHOOP)

+Phi Sig Photoshoots

One week until it begins! #RecruitmentCoundown

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+Getting HootSuite Certified!

+Pumpkin Spice everything!

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What are you most excited for this September?


Birthday Wish List

So as some of you know, my 21st birthday is coming up! August 15th, if you want to know! I’m super excited as most people would be! I have plans for all of next week! There will be brunch, dinner, traveling, family, friends and sisters! I couldn’t be more excited! I have listed a few things on my Birthday Wish List! I’m honestly not that picky and trying to think of what I want for my birthday I think gets harder every year! I remember when I was little and it was just so easy deciding what I want and now it’s like pulling teeth to get anything out of me.


Passion Planner / Statement Necklace / Booties / GoPro

Fossil Wallet /  Pearl Chocker / Gold Chocker


A few other honorable mentions is the Glossier Phase 1 Set , cute shirts for going out, a cross body bag for festivals and maybe even some stuff for my house!

What did you ask for for your birthday?





Who Would Have Guessed, I Love Coffee?

Looking back to High School Freshman Marina, she hated coffee. She hated everything about it. From the smell to the bitter taste, it just wasn’t her cup of tea {ha, get it}. But then High School Junior and Senior Year Marina, well she started to get a liking for it. She stopped almost every day on the way to school for an iced milky way. If you don’t know what that is {if you’re not from Nantucket, you probably don’t}, it is basically a iced mocha coffee that has slim to none coffee taste, but still gives you the beautiful caffeine rush.

Looking to today, I would never order that stuff as I actually like the taste of coffee and I try to stay away from overly sweetened things. Today I have set drinks that I order when I don’t know what to order. My typical drink anywhere I go is a Vanilla Latte with skim milk. This could be iced or hot {and yes, I am one of those weird coffee drinkers that don’t just stick to one or the other and switch with the seasons}.

When I go to Starbucks, I order an iced Caramel Macchiato with coconut milk or a hot Vanilla Latte. When I’m at home, I stick to the Vanilla Latte, iced and hot. If you’re not into coffee {or just not in the mood}, get a Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher. With this, I add a splash of Lemonade or if I’m home a lemon slice.

My orders aren’t super complicated. They’re simple and now I know, not so hard to make. I really hope to find some cool recipes while I work at Starbucks and maybe even create a few {Barista’s have been known to do that}. I know there is one called something like the Flu Buster and tried and approved. It is citruses and lemony and you can even add peppermint if the store has it. Starbucks is just full of surprises.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 12.52.58 PM

I think coffee is a way of life really. My Mom lived off of coffee {dark roast with whole milk and sugar or a double shot macchiato all foam}.  I never saw her without coffee with her or on her {don’t worry I get that messy gene from both my parents}. My Dad loves coffee as well {black dark roast}. My sister is obsessed with her iced hazelnut with cream and sugar. And all my friends {and Phi Sig Fam} even say yes whenever I ask if they want to come on a coffee run. Coffee is a way of life, it’s a bonding experience and it’s a hot sip on a cold day. Does anyone else remember their first taste of coffee where you swore you’d never be like your parents and drink something so bitter? Don’t worry we almost all grew out of that stage in time. Coffee dates have made me some of my best friends and only leaves me with fond memories.

How do you like your coffee? What are your favorite Starbucks drinks? 


Why Working 3 Jobs Was One of The Best Decisions I Made {For Now}

So as of right now, I am working three jobs and occasionally helping my aunt with catering. I work 24 hours a week at my internship, Monday through Wednesday, 9 to 5. This is both rewarding and annoying. I then have my job at American Eagle that I have had since December. I love the people I work with and no where else can I get in over eight hours of work because I decided I didn’t need sleep that night. Overnights are the main reason I can work there. And now, Starbucks. My new job at Starbucks has so far been nothing but an exciting experience.

Let’s start with my internship.

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July Currently {2017}



Hope everyone had a safe and fun Fourth of July! This is my Grand and I (above) yesterday at the West Haven beaches! Any who, I thought I would keep you all up to date with my life. I am starting a new job at Starbucks and I am going on a vacation this month to Bermuda for my cousins wedding. Those are the two exciting things that are happening for me this month! You can check out more below and get more details with my monthly currently!

Reading: Leave Your Mark {A Review Post to Follow}

Planning: A Trip to Bermuda

Watching: The Bachelorette

Cooking: Zucchini Noodles and Beefless Ground Beef

Eating: Chicken Caesar Wraps

Drinking: Discounted Coffee {Starbucks order: Grande Iced Caramel Machiatto with Coconut Milk or the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher with a splash of lemonade}

Pinning: Back to School Ideas

Crafting: New House Essentials {and a surprise}

Going: To Bermuda {for my cousin’s wedding}

Loving: My New Job at Starbucks

Dreaming: Of Having a Tan

Feeling: Excited for New Adventures

Listening: To Country {It’s the only genre that has some good summer songs this year}

Celebrating: Friendships


How are you all spending your July? 


Carry Coffee in One Hand and Confidence in the Other {The Start of a New Chapter}

I am about to jump into my second week at my internship at Odonnell Company and wow is it a whole new adventure. I’ve never had an office job before, honestly, before this year I’ve never even had a job that wasn’t seasonal (for the summer). It really is a different experience. I have been nothing more than excited but I feel like I need 800 projects to stay busy. I love being busy. That’s just who I am. Once I finish one project, I am ready to jump onto the next!Read More »