My List.

I present my list. This is an idea that I saw off of Mostly Morgan and I have put my own, ambitious, goals in replace of hers. I thought this was a great place to compile them! I will also never be deleting them, just crossing them off and adding more! I hope you all can create your lists of goals that you will be constantly be trying to accomplish. My list of goals is for goals I want to get done and hopefully will be doing in the very near future.


Travel Solo (not home)
Travel Solo by Plane
Visit all 50 States & Washington DC (16/51) {New Hampshire, New York, Mass, Connecticut, Vermont, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Michigan, Maryland, Delaware, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Maine, New Jersey & Washington DC}
Visit all Continents (2/7)
Go on a cruise
Go to New Orleans (for Mardi Gras) {Suppose to go in September}
Hike up to the Hollywood sign
Travel to Hawaii
Take a Picture with an Egyptian Sphinx
Hang out at an Elephant Reserve in Thailand
Museum of Ice Cream – Miami


Cook for a Dinner Party
Make my own pasta
Write a Cookbook
Write an e-book cookbook
Try going Vegan for a little bit

Spread Love

Hand out as many as 50 flowers in a day
Raise $1,000 for a cause
Sell Cupcakes for a Good Cause
Donate $50 to a cause I care about


Learn how to play guitar


Get a College Job
Get a Marketing Job
Social Media Marketing Job
Move somewhere for work I am passionate about


Jump off a waterfall
Go to a Coachella
Climb a mountain


Graduate College
Go see the Ellen Show
Go to Broadway
Graduate with a 3.5 GPA
Have a Garden and Grow my own produce
Own a house
Get Married
Be a Bridesmaid
Be a Maid of Honor
Learn to Knit
Make a scrapbook
Make a Christmas Card


Get 1,000 Page Views in a Month
Get 100 views in a day
Get 10,000 views in a month
Make money off of my blog
Write a sponsored post
Attend a Blog Conference
Create a Media Kit
Create a blog specific Hashtag