Happy Valentine’s Day & Self Love Practices

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! I hope you are spending today feeling like you own the damn place.

So yesterday was Galentine’s Day and I spent It at work all day, had some class and then got to celebrate with my sisters. We played games, took pictures and ate pizza and cupcakes! We sang to old songs from Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana and danced and just had an all around good time.


Off of that, I think that self-love is also very important for this Valentine’s Day season. In my latest Insta post, you can see how I practice self-love. If you missed It, don’t worry, I put It below! I have heard a lot of people talking down on themselves lately and I have a feeling that Valentine’s Day is a reason why. People tend to feel lonely and just out of whack. But remember, you’re never alone and the person who will always be there for you is… yourself. You need to be your biggest cheerleader. Don’t wait around for someone else to be your cheerleader when you can rock the world all by your damn self.Read More »

Trader Joes Haul on a College Budget

Trader Joes is one of my favorite places to food shop. I love the food they sell, from he freshness of their produce to the quality of their frozen food and the samples that leave me speechless. I think that learning how to shop for healthy food that you enjoy on a budget is really important.

So, I have broken down some of my favorite things from Trader Joes that you can afford on a college budget. Below they are broken down into categories, but I will include what I use them for next to each item! After the list, I’ll explain the way I shop! Read More »

Why It Is Okay to Not Be Okay & 5 Ways to Help Pull Yourself Back Together

“It takes 10 times longer to pull yourself back together than it takes to fall a part”.

Why is it okay to not be okay?

This is simple… because we are human. We are not born to be perfect, zero emotion creatures. We all f*ck up and we all get sad and that is what makes us human. Cry because you need to. You are allowed, it is okay. But remember, you will always be okay.

You are allowed to not be okay because something has happened and it has knocked you off your feet. That is the point. This obstacle came here to knock you down. When you hit the ground, it will hurt, it may hurt more than anything you have ever felt. You will take minute, you don’t have to stand right away, and you will feel the pain. Sometimes it knocks the air out of you and you have to find your breathe before you do anything. But, the fact of the matter is, you will still get up. You will get back up on your feet and you will walk forward. That is not an option. You fall to stand taller and stronger than you ever have before.

How to pull yourself back together?Read More »

5 Ways To Get Your Life Together Before A New Semester

The Spring semester is upon us, even though it’s 16 degrees out and feels nothing like Spring anywhere here in New England. I have made a goal to getting my life together this semester and devoting more time to me. (You can see a full list of my goals for 2018 and the shift I will be making here) With that being said, I plan on getting my goals set in place and full plans to achieve them ready to go!

Set Your Goals // Get a list of around ten goals set for the new year. You can break them down further into smaller goals to help you achieve them. I have the Passion Planner right now and it has been nothing but helpful in planning and achieving my goals.Read More »

Making a Shift: My Plans for 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have decided to do a little analysis recently of the past year and use it to help guide me into the next. This semester was very hectic for me, from taking six / seven classes, working forty + hours a week, doing my sorority / Bursar stuff every day and being the President of two clubs. I have been running myself thin to say the least and that is going to stop. I plan on working to be a better me and still conquer everything that I want to. I don’t want to spread myself thin anymore. So, here is my list of “do-betters” for this upcoming semester / year.

  • Write more often (Get content out daily through rather social media or here)
  • Meditate more often
  • Do everything with love
  • Let go of the things you can’t change
  • Stretch more
  • Put your mental health first
  • Don’t dwell or regret your mistakes, learn from them and move forward
  • Take the time to eat a healthy meal
  • Eat your veggies
  • Find time to go to the gym
  • Remember what your focus is & stick to it
  • You have one semester left, put your all in

I plan on using these to help me reach my upcoming goals. I graduate in May and with that, I have a lot of goals that I am currently planning! I want to find a job in social media marketing, I want to try and makes deans list, move somewhere like Boston or New York and I want live a healthier life, both physically and mentally. My “do-betters” are set in place to help me remember my goals and to accomplish them slowly every day. Every day I plan on doing better than the last and not dwelling on the things I mess up, just focusing on moving forward and learning from my mistakes. Signaturepalmm




What are your goals and resolutions for the new year?

How to Get Back on Track After all that Holiday Food

If your holidays looked anything like mine, you had a lot of food and a lot of booze. The food was good, but I wouldn’t call it anything close to a diet. I plan on spending the next couple days resisting all the chocolate surrounding me from Christmas  refreshing and cleansing my body. I may not be cutting everything out and eating the healthiest and running 20 miles a day, but I want to eat better than I have, not eat a ton of sugar, load up on water and stretch / meditate.

Starting my day with water and coffee. For food, I want to eat eggs with veggies or greek yogurt. I don’t want to eat bagels and cream cheese or coffee cake, like I have been. Basically stay away from high carbs and sugar for breakfast that will leave me crashing.

Read More »