Why You Need to be Your Own Best Friend & How To Do So

As I’m currently writing this, I’m sitting with head in a sink at my hair salon. Every time I come to get my hair down, It is my time to actually be able to read my book and put myself in deep thought and reflection. I unfortunately never am able to take the time to read like I would like to, but on this day, every 8 weeks, I get to drink red wine and read my book and maybe take a nap when my Head is in the sink 🙈

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50 Little Things to Find Joy In

Yesterday, I was scrolling though my instagram and found one of my favorite profiles who also blogs. She did her own 35 little things that I find joy in and inspired me to do one as well! You can find that over at her blog hannahdtrick.com. I just fell in love with this idea and I think It really helps with self-love and curing some gloomy thoughts. She said in her post that “Being grateful for the little things is a way to not only be content with your life but it marks the first step towards discovering the true source of happiness” and I couldn’t agree more! Well said, Hannah!

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