What To Do When the “Doing Too Much” Hits You… Hard

So yesterday, the “what am I doing with my life”, “I don’t have time to do anything” and the “I need to get out” feeling hit me and when I say it hit me, it hit me hard. As my professor listed off all the things due in “one month” as he said and gave us a date that is less than one month away, I started to have a panic attack of, I can barely due what I have right now. So I went to my next class, had another anxiety attack and left the school immediately. I emailed my professors and got the f*** out of there! (note: I have never missed any of these classes before and I never skip classes, this was 100% necessary for me). So in case you pull a me, I want to help you because this was not easy and it still is not as I sit here typing this.

  1. Breathe. Escape the situation and breathe. This is one of the most important parts because sometimes taking deep breaths is the only thing to keep you from drowning.
  2. Do something you enjoy that will distract you. I went to Trader Joes and bought some food I needed and then went to the Starbucks I work at and talked to some of my favorite people! This was something I really needed.
  3. Sit down and be productive. I went home after my distraction and got some of my homework done. This is also a way for me to make up for missing class, but I wasn’t rushing or stressing over anything, I just sat down and did it, took some breaks and didn’t stress out over it.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This one is huge, sometimes you need to just vent, or get away, or even just a hug. Ask for someone because it will be okay and they can help make it okay. Sometimes knowing the right person to ask can be hard, but don’t ever go at things alone. That will only hurt you in the long run.
  5. Find a reason to smile. There is always a reason, whether you like it or not. One reason I love my Passion Planner is that every week their is a place for me to write the good things that happen every week.

I think a huge thing is that no matter how down you are, you have to remember that there is always up. You can always catch up and things will always get better! Take a breath and keep going. Remember, without air you will drown and you can’t move forward if all you do is tread water.


A Cozy Room Takes Effort: 3 Tips to Transform Your College Bedroom

With Fall approaching quickly, you start to think about the crisp weather, the fall scents, being wrapped up cozy in your bed. You also have to think of a place where you can both relax and be productive, at least as a college student. I feel that for the most part I have figured out how to do that with my room.

Add Warming Wall Decorations

Empty walls kill. I will stand by that 100%. I think having pictures up, drawings, crafts or one of my favorites, a tapestry and twinkle lights will make all the difference. The wall behind my bed is my absolute favorite, it has a tapestry with twinkle lights and the colors are just relaxing and it makes me enjoy being in my room. I also have a white board hung and a calendar white board hung for productivity, along with a board full of memories and pictures.

Sweet Dreams ☁️🌙

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A Comfy Bed 

I think having a bed comforter that you can just snuggle up into is a key element to having the perfect room. You also need to make sure that it is not just cuddly, but you are able to sit on top and get work done (at least if you don’t have a desk). I think its good to have an array of pillows, both comfy and cute. Also always keep a throw blanket near by, especially in the fall when you still have a window open, but that chilly breeze can still come in! I am known for keeping my window slightly opened while wearing shorts and throw blanket this time of year!

Keep It Clean

This one is the hardest for me! It’s not like my room is dirty or I food or dishes everywhere, I just have clothes everywhere, all the time! I try really hard to not have my clothes everywhere, but I just feel like i have all this time to do laundry, but by the time its done, I don’t have the time to put it all away and organize everything. If you look at my room right now, you would understand exactly what I am talking about. Picture this: two laundry baskets full of clothes, my dirty clothes in a different pile and my shoes laid out next to my door.  Exactly. That is a mess and does not help me to be productive or be cozy, it just stresses me out. Moral of the story: Keep your room clean!

Fun Tip: Get Candles in different scents to make your room extra homey, the scent and the flickering is quite relaxing and if you can’t have candles, I love wax melters! I currently have a super cute Pineapple Melter and I love the Yankee Candles scents for every season, especially Fall, not to mention the price is just right.

How do you make your bedroom more cozy and/or productive?


September Mood Board

Happy September! For me September is a bittersweet time! As some of you know, if you couldn’t tell from my blog already, I love summer. I am a summer baby, I love everything about it. From the beach, to the weather, to the free time, to traveling, to sunshine and ocean breezes. But September is a good time of the year and not just because it has my sister’s birthday in it and we need an excuse to celebrate. But, because the air becomes crisp, school is back in session and you have so many fun activities, flavors and outfits to try.

Happened in August…

+I turned 21!

+Nantucket Getaway

+Started my Senior Year of Classes

+Learned how to make a Pumpkin Spice Latte

+Got to go to Upstate New York and have a fun 24 hours cell phone free at Tennanah Lake with friends!

+Got to go Jet Skiing

Cloudy days spent on the water = some of the best days

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Coming Up in September…

+E-Zoo (technically already happened but it was still September)

EZoo 2017 🐘🌌

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+Apple Picking

+Recruitment (WHOOP WHOOP)

+Phi Sig Photoshoots

One week until it begins! #RecruitmentCoundown

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+Getting HootSuite Certified!

+Pumpkin Spice everything!

Check out my other mood boards! August, June, May

What are you most excited for this September?


Fall Meets Back-To-School

This week here at the University of New Haven is back-to-school week, with Monday being our first day {Tuesday is more my first day}! I have a schedule packed with 6 classes, work, my sorority, clubs and somehow still a social life. A huge part about classes, is dressing for anything the world throws at you. Dressing for class is comfort with style. The outfit I wore the first day can be dressed up or down. I added a shall for warmth {it’s not summer anymore} and stuck with some fall colors. Ripped mom jeans are always a great way to bring comfort to any outfit, especially when you switch them out for your typical skinny jeans! {Check out this article for more on mom jeans}.

This is my outfit for my first day back to classes, even though I didn’t have class until 6pm!

Happy Last First Day of Classes ✨📚

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How was your first day of classes? Let me know in the comments!


Birthday Wish List

So as some of you know, my 21st birthday is coming up! August 15th, if you want to know! I’m super excited as most people would be! I have plans for all of next week! There will be brunch, dinner, traveling, family, friends and sisters! I couldn’t be more excited! I have listed a few things on my Birthday Wish List! I’m honestly not that picky and trying to think of what I want for my birthday I think gets harder every year! I remember when I was little and it was just so easy deciding what I want and now it’s like pulling teeth to get anything out of me.


Passion Planner / Statement Necklace / Booties / GoPro

Fossil Wallet /  Pearl Chocker / Gold Chocker


A few other honorable mentions is the Glossier Phase 1 Set , cute shirts for going out, a cross body bag for festivals and maybe even some stuff for my house!

What did you ask for for your birthday?





What You Should Never Leave Your Internship Without…

Today is the last day of my internship at Odonnell Company and it is both a bittersweet day. I have spent my whole summer here and I loved everyone I came across in this experience and I have learned enough information to convince me that I like my major and I am on the right path. But, there are a few things that I have learned not to leave without that isn’t just a goodbye!

Never leave without a Letter of Recommendation from your Internship Supervisor.

This one is very important. This is the person you directly were in contact with, had to sign paperwork and basically lead you through the journey that was your internship, I also enjoy this because it helps to show myself that I actually did something instead of just sitting at my desk waiting for work. Like I actually did something useful and they thought it was good! Read More »